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This is a combination of a chassis and a mobile body, which allows it to be transported both by rail and road. The chassis is specific, in order to able to move either with or without its body. The body is also specific, with handling zones for loading grabs and incorporating the refrigeration unit at the front making it independent. The MobilRail-C is EN12410 approved for use on the entire European rail network.



CHEREAU develops the perfect solutions for swap bodies mounted on a self-supporting metal subframe with 4 pivoting and retractable leg stands.



Ferry-C is a chassis-body unit, which can be used for both sea and road transport. Based on a Chassis-C Special Refrigeration Chassis for road, it is modified using a broad coupler plate (surface or flush mounted) making it easier to hitch and unhitch the tractor unit. The running gear's suspension travel is restricted to prevent the suspension cushions being sheared off when there are major height differences. The leg stands are fitted with roller feet, to compensate for the stresses caused by hitching and unhitching on the fly. 2 x 4 external hitches comply with standard ISO 9367 and allow the semi-trailer to be secured in the hold. The bolt-on, galvanised rear underride bar is higher, with 2 protective shoes. The chassis structure is designed to prevent entry by illegal migrants. The body displays all the advantages of the INOGAM model and is suitable for all kinds of loads.

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